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           ATLAS ESTATE    


in 1994 we started our real estate and construction company, so we gathered a lot of knowledge and experience over the years.

And after a reorganization we decided to unite our experience for a more solid company so that we can improve the service to our customers.

Because that's our first priority : to help our customers with our expert knowledge so that they are satisfied and where necessary to make better.

We are active in a wide area : from FETHİYE, GOCEK, DALAMAN, DALYAN, SARİGERME, KALKAN, KAS, till ANTALYA/ ALANYA.

Except in the field of real estate, we can also advise you about important things as : architectural design, construction, expertise, location, measurement, maintenance, finances and after-sales services.

İn short : we have enough knowledge to help you from the beginning till the end when buying property including other cases connected with the real estate sector.

We keep on working and developing unabated hard, day by day in our company to give the customers what they're expecting and try to make their dreams come true.

Because that's the most important thing for us : to satisfy the customer !